Several writers have long ago lost their moral authority to call others “liars.”

They vilify the majority of their neighbors who voted conservative.

When the pictures of children in cages were first published in “2014,” there wasn’t any outrage or even mention of these hypocrites, yet when they came out later, they blatantly and falsely blamed Trump.

In 2016, Hillary and her Blind Followers claimed a stolen election, and they challenged states, voting machines, and fraud. Yet, when the GOP challenged four states, voting machines, dead voters, and undocumented demo voters, they are accused of treason.

Biden stated he is giving amnesty to all illegals, stopping deportation of felons, and opening our borders to all. This would mean welfare, medicare, social security, free education and leading the job market with cheap labor.

This would open the border to drug cartels, child sex traffickers, and MS-13 felons.

History has shown Liberals have been silent and shown no adverse actions against child sex dealers, Nambla, and ran interference for Epstein for years while Clinton flew around on his Lolita Express to orgy island. It’s sad, but I don’t allow Liberals around my grandkids.

Ray Fink


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Beyond laughter!

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