My name is Janette Doherty and Greg and I have been members of this community since 2001, and we still don’t know most of you. When someone mentions a person by name then I know who they are talking about most of the time. But sorry I probably would not know you if I met you on the street.

This is a great community and we take pride in living here. We have been members of the Eagles for well over 35 years. We became members in Moscow and went dual when we moved here.

We have always been quite active in the Eagles because of all the great things they do. Nationally they give a lot to Heart and Cancer research. Statewide they have given millions of dollars to Kootenai Hospital for the advancement of Heart and Cancer research. The Eagles give to research for hearing, eyesight, hospice and numerous other causes that need support and assistance. Our motto is “People helping People.”

Our local organization Eagles 2012 try to keep all our fundraising local and give to this community all the time, fire department, hospital, the youth of this community, Hughes House or the animal shelter or the community food center or the Senior center. It doesn’t always make the paper but it is a well-known fact.

Did you know all the money we take in from renting the lodge for dinners and weddings and meetings all goes to charity or to help this community? We sponsor Bingo every Thursday from 6 to 9 and the entire community is welcome to join us you don’t have to be a member just 18 and older. All the proceeds go to scholarships for our local seniors, we have given out thousands of dollars in the last three or four years. You’ve seen us at the Park during Paul Bunyan Days.

Also on Thursdays we serve a crock pot dinner for $6. From 4 to 7 it’s always way too much food so I’ve been told, no one goes away hungry. Sometimes its double-dipped boneless skinless fried chicken with potatoes and gravy, a veggie, salad, dinner roll, and pie for dessert, sometimes it pork chops, sometimes it fresh made taco baskets. You can bring the kids as long as we are serving food, call 208-245-2912 and get it to go. Fridays we have burgers on the deck by Don and Dano, sometimes its steaks.

We have 9-ball tournaments, darts, and pool tournaments on Saturdays and in the summer on Thursdays. You can come in and make friends and meet your old friends down here. We have the best bartenders in town.

We have the annual craft fair in December, and this month we have a gun show coming up and Mardi Gras here as well. Don’t forget the CASA Lunch in March or the Hughes House Baked Potatoes, Come down and meet a few of us, but I bet you already know most of us we don’t bite.

Janette Doherty

St. Maries

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