Jack Buell is a conservative and has served his community well for many years. Jack was born and raised in this area, working his way through the ups and downs of the timber industry. He knows and loves this area and is constantly using his own equipment and money to improve Benewah County and the city of St. Maries.

You do not see any other candidate, or elected official working on a weekend, in the private equipment clearing sidewalks of snow, personally mowing the weeds on the City levee, or personally paying someone to weed eat, and shovel snow from public property.

Jack has the respect and co-operation of state, and federal agencies. His experience gives him the knowledge of who to go to if help is needed, or if there is a problem concerning the state or other organizations.

Jack is a conservative and always has been. A party moniker does not make a good public steward, and you know as well as I do there are those who change parties just to get elected. Vote for the person with the qualifications.

Mark is a nice, likeable guy and extremely easy-going. We need a commissioner who can make instant logical decisions when needed, is a good steward of taxpayer’s equipment, and does not fold to unreal requests from government agencies. We are going through a dark period in our history and probably will be for some time in the future. Jack can lead us through this storm better than anyone else.

Harry Grubham

St. Maries

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