I would like to share some thoughts about the upcoming Sheriff’s election. We have three candidates, Mike Ingersoll, Tami Holdahl, and Tony Eells.

Ingersoll has some training and a stint as a reserve deputy as his only law enforcement experience. In his campaign ad he lists having been a union representative among his qualifications. This is not union country and even if it was, it has nothing to do with the job he seeks.

It’s not a stretch to say that unions in the United States have been under Democrat control forever, which raises the question. Why is he an “independent” candidate? He has a well-known bone to pick with the sheriff’s office and one of its deputies. Right or wrong that is no reason to hand over the department to his control.

Tami Holdahl is more problematic. It did not take much looking to discover that she has held no less than six law enforcement positions. Somewhere in that mix she served as mayor of St. Maries and worked for the Coeur d’Alene Tribe Police Department at the same time where she was involved in a controversy that prompted calls for her recall as mayor.

Now she is looking to jump ship on her current position as small town police chief to hopefully run our sheriff’s department. All of this in the last twenty years give or take.

When she ran in the Republican primary the message was clear. The voters did not want her. But not to be deterred, she is now a write-in candidate backed by a handful of friends with deep pockets. Three ads including a half page ad in the October 7 SM Gazette alone.

To pass off her sketchy job history as experience is deceptive if not laughable. Her running in the Republican primary is also deceptive considering she was a registered Democrat a couple of years ago. I can not imagine the people of our community taking her seriously. If she were to be elected how long could we rely on her following through to the end?

We have a solid candidate in Tony Eells. He has served the citizens of Benewah County with dedication and integrity. We would do well to take advantage of his many years of experience as deputy and Undersheriff and promote him to the top job.

Gary Stricklin


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