Politics is a dirty business. I do not understand why it must be that way, but nevertheless, it is true. I think 2020 has proven to be the worst year for politics since I’ve been alive and the year is not yet over with. Every day we hear some outrageous statement or accusation that tops the last one.

Nancy Pelosi, however, has seemingly hit a new low. Recently while pretending to engage in negotiations on a new coronavirus bill, she made the comment that “I don’t want to have to be sweeping after this dumpings of this elephant as we go into a new presidency in a few short months.”

The statement was a little awkward with the “sweeping after this dumpings” part but that is a quote. It was obviously a swipe at President Trump. After I read this latest vile attack on our President, I wondered… just what has Pelosi done for her constituents or the American people in the last four years or the last ten or fifteen for that matter?

What first came to mind is her announcing on national TV that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Referring of course to the Obamacare bill. Really? I guess that’s how it works in the swamp. For the last four years she has focused solely on opposing and removing President Trump from office and nothing else.

Here is a little advice for Nancy. No matter how the election goes, you are washed up in Congress and have been for a while. Try this… Go to (gasp) Wal-Mart and hit the pet supply section. Buy yourself a pooper-scooper. Go home and patrol the streets of your district. You know, where all those homeless folks live in tents on the sidewalk? It will be the only good thing you have done for the people you represent in many years.

Two weeks from this writing we have an election. We will either lose our freedom for good to the socialist radicals or we will have an opportunity to regain freedoms already lost and preserve our Republic. Either way I fear that the result will be akin to a civil war, and it will be violent and bloody. I can only hope I am proved wrong.

God Bless America

Gary Stricklin


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Well said Sir..

God Bless America

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