In my opinion, if the faux president in the White House had just sat on his thumbs after he took office we wouldn’t be invaded by 800,000 illegals, not, by definition, migrants, in just eight months, with prices of $5.00 + a gal for gas, after having closed down our own source of fuel forcing us to be dependent of other countries for our fuel supply, and rising prices in grocery stores.

We have become traitors to our European friends, deserters of 1500 Americans in Afghanistan, as well as 20000 green card holders, and lost $82 billion in high tech equiptment, 12 dead military, and a family of 13.

A Mandate to close America when not needed, forcing vaccinations, he just wants to be a man of power another socialist Hitler.

He’s an idiot that can’t get it right and he’s a puppet. He does what he’s told and will as long as he can keep that chair in the White House he will continue to be an idiot.

He turned his back on one of our biggest allies, France, and goes into hiding every weekend to Delaware. I think he’s really going there for weekly treatments for Alsheimers and Dementia.

Trump was right we won’t have a free country in 3 1/2 years. I want my Great America back, how about you?

Janette Doherty

St. Maries

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Ignorance is bliss


So why did more Americans vote for him rather than DJT?

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