We journalists all make mistakes, commit typos and do all we can to make sure we get the stories right.  We all need copy editors. We check our assertions. We do not use wishy-washy words such as several, few, many, some, vast. In our columns we do not stoop to name-calling. We recheck and let a colleague read what we write. Even during COVID. Thank whoever it was (disputable) who discovered email.

In the recent column about  journalists, long hours, voting and the election because statements like “no doubt”, “verified documentations”, “ample documentation” and “confirmed" does not make them true. Example: Biden’s laptop. This was “found?” Who “found” it? Fake? Not fake? 

About the person who said he was present when Joe and Hunter Biden were talking about bribes? How do we know if he was telling the truth? Pres. Trump said “they were all lying.” So is that person lying as well?

As for vote count and hard workers, some of the hardest workers with low pay toiled at the polls all over the country. There is no evidence of fraud where I live and work. There were people shouting outside polling places. They were calling candidates’ not-nice names.  Not nice. 

As of today, Nov. 12, the president refuses to concede. He would make America a laughingstock if he had to be removed from the White House by generals. 

Let’s return to civility and truth all around.

Barbara Leedom

So. Yarmouth, MA

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