Mr. Stricklin’s comments last week were a little misleading. Tami Holdahl has the experience and qualifications necessary to serve as our Sheriff.

First, she has worked in law enforcement for twenty-one years. It is in that timeframe that she has held the six positions Mr. Stricklin mentioned. Not unusual in a law enforcement career spanning over two decades. She has done her service as a rank and file patrol officer, earned her stripes, and has achieved leadership responsibilities.

She has worked in municipal, county, and tribal law enforcement. As such she has the experience and knowledge required for the interfaces between those entities of law enforcement. And as sheriff, she will need this experience to faithfully perform her duties within our county for all residents.

Secondly, Tami has the civic experience other candidates don’t, having served as a city councilor as well as a mayor. She understands the civil processes of the creation of municipal ordinances, codes and laws locally on up to the state level, and how the enforcement of these rules, ordinances and laws relates to and impacts residents in the rural areas, small cities and towns of our county.

As for Mr. Stricklin’s comments about a “controversy” prompting a “recall,” give me a break! As a sitting mayor myself, I have been threatened with recall by disgruntled chest beaters twice already this year! I gave those threatening me all of Title 34, Chapter 17 of Idaho Code (the entire process of how to recall an elected official) and told them, “Don’t threaten me, get off your behind and do it!” Talk is cheap, put up or shut up! Cue the crickets. So that is a non-issue.

I, personally, believe that as in the military, no law enforcement officer, and in particular leadership roles like chiefs and sheriffs, should adhere to any form of partisanship in relation to an affiliation or what have you with a “political party.” So a candidate feeling the “need” to register as one party or another depending on how the “wind is blowing” to get into the race is a moot argument. Our Idaho “two party system” adherence creates that quandary. You have to ask yourself, do their qualifications make them a good choice?

To suggest that Tami would not, as Mr. Stricklin alluded to in his letter to the editor, “follow through to the end,” in other words fulfill her term as sheriff, is both ludicrous and laughable. She is dedicated. She has integrity. She has experience. She is the most qualified.

I whole-heartedly endorse and support Tami Holdahl for sheriff.

Bill Weems

Mayor, City of Plummer

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