I have a son that attends school in Fernwood and I am appalled at the outcome of the meeting last night. I was unable to attend due to only having one vehicle in the family at this time but a close friend of mine was there and she said it was a total JOKE and that parents were not allowed to say ANYTHING.

This is a decision that involves OUR kids and we should have been allowed to express our viewpoints! At the meeting, parents were told that there was a .pdf form online that we could fill out to get a spot to express our viewpoints on this but there was only one parent that found the form to fill out by accident.

Why were we not emailed the form so we could have our voices heard?

They did a poor job at making sure us parents had access to this form. My question is was this on purpose so that they could push through their agenda? Based on the outcome it appears that this is exactly what they wanted.

Has our school system become so corrupt like the rest of the states? I perceive that if more parents had had the opportunity to voice their thoughts things may have went a total different way.

There were only four board members there and Mr. Hendrickx was against it be a mandate and was for having it be the PARENTS choice. Not my words but that of another parent that was in attendance… “Mr. Reynolds was on the fence and was later BULLIED by Sandy Kennelly to make it a mandate by throwing a fit till she got her way.”

One of the board people were not even in attendance, and the other two already had their minds made up.

My frustration is that WE as the parents didn’t even have a say and they work for US. It is OUR children that it affects.

I have since pulled my son from the school and will be homeschooling the rest of the year and for the foreseeable future as well as for my daughter.

It is up to us, the parents, to be the voice for our kids. Halting school for a VIRUS that yes is new and they need to be exposed to  it so that their bodies can start making anti bodies to fight this thing by mandating masks and shutting the school down, all we are doing is HARMING our kids’ education, health and mental health.

I am not the only parent that feels this way and there are others that will be doing the same until the mandate (which by the way is NOT a LAW) is over.

We just want our voices to be heard and something to be done as NOW they are saying that if we choose to keep them home there will be NO distance learning packets so then our kids will fall behind.

We as parents WILL NOT COMPLY!!

Mary Lee


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