Our enlightened world is now filled with very vocal social justice warriors who call out and attempt to cancel anyone who they perceive to offend their senses. So I’m wondering how those oh-so sensitive folks have missed one of the most obvious social injustices I have ever seen, namely the elder and spousal abuse being perpetrated upon Joe Biden.

I’m not a Joe Biden fan. Never have been. His behavior has been an embarrassment for many years. There was a reason Barack Obama chose him for his Vice-President. He’s never had an original thought in his life. However, he is a human being, who is being used and abused by those around him who are supposed to love and care for him. How Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, and a whole host of others can continue to watch this man mentally and physically disintegrate in front of the world frankly makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve contacted the media both liberal and conservative asking the question, “Why isn’t anyone using the term spousal and elder abuse?” when a classic case is playing out in front of the world? They are not only complicit in ignoring it, but are the cheerleaders.

I started yelling at the TV shortly after Super Tuesday, when it became obvious that his health was compromised and Jim Clyburn and other “good people” pushed him to the forefront anyway for their own political gain. It was clear then that he was very ill, both mentally and physically and no one appeared to care. And then the political and military sycophants lined up behind him, who apparently have no empathy, just disgusting political ambitions while they continue to push him out on the world stage with scripts he cannot read, and orders to not take questions! Kamala Harris stands behind him with legs spread, wearing the black mask so the world won’t see her snickering, and working behind the scenes with others to determine when it is time to brush him aside when they are finished with him.

Until yesterday he was the main victim, although his handlers’ policies are bringing our country to its knees. Then yesterday, with the deaths of our valiant soldiers in Afghanistan who have been ordered to do an impossible task, the abuse became a national tragedy. The families of those REAL warriors should be outraged that the cover-up continues.

Where is Jill Biden? Where are his children? Where are his brother and sister? Where are Barack and Michelle Obama? WHERE IS HIS DOCTOR? Where are the social justice warriors? Maybe when we again start to see Americans’ heads being lopped off, someone will have the moral courage to stop it. For now, the abuse continues…..

Lila Erickson

St. Maries, Idaho

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Gwen M.

This registered nurse agrees with you. Quick assessment shows dementia.

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