The Republicans voted against the final budget because our bills are around 40 billion a month and our government takes in 320 billion a month in taxes, that's enough to pay our bills and have plenty left over, no need to raise the debt ceiling like the Democrats want to. The Democrats want us to be indebted to China. We are no longer fuel independent because Biden shut us down and now we buy from Russia and borrow from China to pay for it. Our goods are going up in price because gas prices are so high. According to our constitution Biden cannot himself raise taxes, nor can he create debt.

This 3.5 trillion dollar bill is 2500 pages, 2 1/2 feet high when stacked, and would take 50 hrs to read it and it's not done yet. I doubt any Democrat or Republican has taken the time to read it. Remember when Pelosi said you have to pass it to see what's in it.

Well, here are some of the things in this bill: 2.2 billion for creation of a Civilian Climate Corp. (What is that?)

5 billion for electric cars for federal Government Fleet. ( Guess who owns stock in the electric cars, mostly Democrats in our government going as high as our President.)

3 billion for Tree Pruning and Tree Equity. (What is that?)

1 billion for creating Electric Cars Charging Equity Program.

15 billion to create Resource Center for Older People with Gender Identity issues. (Come on, if they are older they don't have gender identity issues.)

79 billion for IRS Tax Enforcement. (We already have a tax commission established for enforcement.)

4 billion for Distance Learning. (What is that? Zoom teaching?)

50 million for Creating Community Climate insentive Grants.(Again what is that?

25 Million for Bias Training. (Bias for what?)

Free Community College for illegals. (Why not give free Community College to Legal Americans?)

Free School Lunch for year round for runaways and migratory and Illegal children. (Why not give free lunches to all legal American children instead?)

The word TAX is mentioned 1829 times in this bill.

A few other things you might like to know: in 2020 8,069 criminals were apprehended crossing illegally and deported, in 2021, 91,841 so far have been apprehended and are mostly still here and not deported.

Did you know that our government told big companies like Walmart, Amazon, Target just to name a few that if they did all the Government Mandates and other things to support the government they would help close down the Mom and Pop Compeditors.

Did you know Fauci suggested insurance companies refuse coverage to anyone that doesn't have the vaccine. The FDA approved a booster to a vaccine, not the vaccine, and that booster is not even used in America. Vaccinated are more contagious than someone who has natural immunity. There are 17 million Americans with nature ammunity and have already had some form of Covid. I really think it is about power and not so much science. Don't thank God for the vaccine without first thanking him for immunity.

Janette Doherty

St. Maries

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Get your facts straight before submitting misinformation. BTW, what ever happened to the 250 word limit. I guess it only pertains to democratic letters to the editor. Junk news is like junk food, and just like junk food has caused massive health epidemics in our country, junk news is causing a massive polarization epidemic.

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