The border crisis rages on even though the president and Jen Psaki will not admit there is a problem. We are on pace to have over two million illegal aliens enter just this year. The big problem at the border was brought to our attention by liberal democrats. These border agents are using whips on blacks crossing the border. Wow, that’s what they are calling reins now. Biden said, “They will be held accountable.” These poor border agents should not be trying to do their job! They must be deplorables, as Hillary called some Americans a few years ago.

Let’s shift to Global Warming, since this is a big concern for Joe. Joe has tried to get the Chinese to talk, but they told him to pound sand. The only one listening to Joe on this topic is John Kerry and the liberals. Heck! Our allies don’t want to talk to Joe either because they can’t trust him. I am one who thinks different from the world. I am a Christian who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When I look at what is going on with our nations and the weather, I think that God is trying to get our attention. In the Bible, when Israel fell into sin He would withhold rain, send pestilence, disasters in various forms, and allow other nations to wreak havoc, trying to bring them back. God promised that “if ye walk in My statutes, and keep My commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield their increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.” This means each of us should have a moral and spiritual compass, and if we follow that compass, he will bless us. The general direction of the U.S. is away from God as we pursue sin in every direction possible. I believe that the U.S. and the world is dealing with God. He is trying to get our attention. Our sins as a nation are going to have to be dealt with. If we don’t address them, we will not receive God’s blessings, as in the past. God will address them if we don’t. Things will get a lot worse. We haven’t even scratched the surface. A green energy program or anything mandated by the government will not change anything. This country did not come to be without Him, and will not continue without Him. Changes have to be made and it starts with people having a moral compass that steers them between right and wrong. Then we have to start electing those people who have a moral compass and follow that compass. The constitution say’s “We the People,” Not, we the educated, indoctrinated, elect few. We need to change the people that we elect so that we will have people that are like-minded making decisions about what our direction is. We need to adhere to the constitution and pursue truth and moral justice. Exactly the opposite of the direction we are headed now.

Joe’s new focus is on getting the 3.5 trillion spending bill pushed through. With it comes 900 billion in new taxes that they claim will only affect the rich. Well, I beg to differ. When you understand capitalism, you know that all expenses will be passed on to the consumer. That is ultimately us. The national debt is now over 28 trillion. When you break that down to how much each individual person owes, that is over $86,000 per American and growing every moment. I’m sorry, but my wife and I cannot afford to pay $173,000. Everything the three amigos (Joe, Nancy, Chuck) have done is to destroy this country and elevate China. Socialism is what they are really striving for, and if you understand how socialism is set up, you know that it takes established wealth and redistributes it to the lower classes. The problem is that there is no way to make wealth under socialism. People give up their right to freedom of choice because you have given the government the power to tell you what you will do, what you will say, where you will go because they will decide for the good of all. They will have say over every facet of your life. The elected elite will have what they desire, complete control. Is socialism is such a great thing, then why is there not a mass exodus out of the U.S. heading for China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist countries? No, what we have is everyone trying to get into the U.S. because we are not socialists . . . it is time to take control by our choices at the ballot box (if that hasn’t been bought, destroyed, or stuffed). Election of people with a moral compass is where we should always have been. Not Republican or Democrat, but truly honest moral people. We have Republicans who are that in name only, but go along with liberal ideals. If we don’t change, then we are left with inept congressmen and an inept president, with handlers, sending this country toward collapse. The only other alternative is if we pay Hunter Biden a few billion for his art work and then we can get the “Big Guy” to get something done that is productive. Can you say, order up on another debacle?

Bub Arnold

St. Maries

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Keep listening to FOX and reading the misinformative posts on FB and Twitter. Its rotting your Republican mind and causing it to become detached from reality.

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