Biden takes Trump’s plan to have troops out of Afghanistan by May 2021, which included removing all American, all Afghans that help us in the last 20 years that wanted to leave, remove all our equipment, planes, helicopters, drones, arms and night op equipment that we had over there that Afghans did want, then blow up the bases and finally remove the military.

Biden comes in to office and changes date of departure, tears up Trump’s plan and goes about it a** backwards. He deserted everyone, not just Americans, but all the other countries that were there to support us. He snuck our troops out without letting anyone prepare for our early departure. He only went back for our people because of the pressure from the American people.

Now the military is back. He ordered our military to stay at the airport, to stand down and they aren’t allowed to help Americans wanting to come home.

Other Countries are sending their troops in to help get their people out. They are taking Afghans that help them out. We are being told that the Taliban are taking passports from the Afghans and killing them then the Taliban are using those passports to fly out of the airport. None are being tested for Covid.

As of today no one is getting into the airport because the Taliban is blocking all entrances. We have all seen videos of people being killed, women crying asking for help, pleading with Biden to come get them. He says if they don’t make to the airport before August 31 they don’t really want to come home.

He said that Trump ruined this country on purpose, excuse me, these people for the first time had freedom, the women became independent. They became business people, some held political offices, they were teachers, they were free. They learned to laugh and love. The men were proud of the women of Afghanistan. The Afghanistan military are fighting they are trying to save their country but we left them nothing when we handed everything over to the Taliban.

Thanks to Biden they are now back to hiding, crying, hating their country and America for deserting them all. Pray for our Americans that will be abandoned in Afghanistan, pray for the Afghanistan people who aided and supported our people and couldn’t get out, pray for the women and children that are scared of what their futures will be.

Janette Doherty

St. Maries

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Gwen M.

A tragedy. Thank you for speaking to this.


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