There’s no other way to look at it. Joe Biden is being guided by Satan. Biden is the biggest threat to this country and the American citizens. Biden should resign or be impeached and then tried for his treasonous actions. At the hands of Biden we are no longer a superpower, the southern border is a mess, the crime surge, the riots, defunding the police, BLM, ANTIFA and now Afghanistan is a disgrace.

Joe Biden has a whole lot of blood on his hands. For those who voted for him, how do you like your president now? Joe Biden is completely incapable to hold the highest position in this country. Every word coming out of Biden’s mouth is a lie. How do you like him now?

Tens of thousands of Afghan soldiers fought and died fighting with our American soliders and over 60,000 lost their lives. The Afghans relied on the United States to supply air support for their country and that’s the first thing Joe Biden did, he took away the air support and abandoned the Afghan people. Every crisis in this country, Biden blames Donald Trump. The blood is strictly on Biden’s hands and he needs to be held accountable for treason.

Joe Biden must go, but then we will be stuck with Kamala Harris, who is useless. Where is she in all of the messes that Biden has created? There is a blood bath ensuing in Afghanistan and Biden turns his back on the Americans he is leaving behind. The Taliban, al-Qaida and Isis-K will be coming. How do you like your president now?

Biden is cold and callous. He doesn’t care about you, the American people. This would have never happened on Trump’s watch.

How do you like your president now?

He’s not my president.

Russell Diener

St. Maries

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Here is the truth: Trump sold his soul to the devil for fame, power and glory. He can be compared to the serpent tempting Eve in the way he has spent lavishly to show off his luxury homes, hotels, and golf courses, which provide a great temptation for the wealthy. What make Trump demonic? One thing above all, his willingness, even eagerness, to do serious potentially fatal damage to something beautiful, noble, fragile, and rare, purely to satisfy his own emotional needs. That something is American self-government. Trump cannot accept losing, can't accept rejection, and savors provoking division. He delights in pulling everybody else down to his own level. Trump is an authoritarian and an autocrat. As such, ne uses violence in an effort to intimidate his enemies and control the public, his allies, servants and supporters.. His and his supporters deflections, taken together, are stuff of propagandists. The facts, the truth and empirical reality are their enemies. The diktat is simple: Trump is always right and his authoritarian lemmings have internalized his commandments. Trump will drag along those tethered to him. For decades, Americans will decline to forgive Republicans of the Trump era. As sleeping pilots on a dangerously anchored boat, Washington Republicans have a choice. Wake up and cast off from Trump - speak your conscience, your faith and your family values or get dragged down into the abyss, never to be heard from again.

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