To Members of Congress representing the great State of Idaho:

I have chosen to use the printed word to write to you today. My intention is to implore you to do your constitutional duty and begin impeachment proceedings to remove this appalling president from office. I do not need to reiterate all the transgressions this administration is being accused of … they are piling up like a huge stack of children’s blocks that should come tumbling down in chaos.

Every one of you should be alarmed and shocked by the corruption of this Donald Trump and those surrounding him. I have lived in Idaho for over half my life. I am a proud liberal Democrat who has never voted Republican and never will. I have trusted government most of my adult life … going back to Nixon I felt that Congress would have the country’s best interests and do the right thing … but these days I have lost that confidence. I am the child of naturalized citizens who learned civics along with my parents who respected the basic tenets of our democracy.

Along with impeachment, I am begging you to face your responsibilities and undo the rolling back of laws and regulations that have taken half a century to accomplish. We are a nation of PROGRESS not REGRESS. We must have love and respect for the living beings who cohabit this planet … humans and animals … this means stewardship of our climate and care for all of us who dwell on this amazing ball in our solar system. In general, it’s time to take care of business. Remember the heroes of this state … Cecil Andrus, Frank Church, Cy Chase, Emery Hedlund … all of whom would never, I believe, allow this bully, this coward, this bigot, this mobster to continue his mockery of our great nation. As Judge Richard McFadden once told my husband, “You’ve got to rise above this.” I have always taken those words to heart.

Yes, lead us into the future gentlemen … Make us a force of good in the world … Do not let us sink in the morass of the tar pit that is of Trump’s doing. We all have a legacy to pass onto our grandkids … let’s make them proud of us. I have high hopes.

Gwen Wotring

St. Maries

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Thank you Ms Wotring. And today we know it's even worse. The administration is denying a whistleblower's legally protected report which should go to Congress. The DNI even says it should but the justice department (which is not supposed to be involved) has blocked it. They even say the whistleblower is not covered=they may be charged. We are now in a constitutional crisis.

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