As I wait for my husband from doing a stress test today I listen to the conversations going on around me.

One couple around 60 are talking about the Covid. They are saying they aren’t going to get the vaccine until FDA approves it’s actual use as a preventable vaccine against Covid.

Another couple around 70 indicate they aren’t going to get it because they are sure they had it in late 2019 before the pandemic became a big issue. They said they feel they are immune from getting it again.

A young gentleman said his sister was required to get the vaccine in Washington state or lose her job. And now she is having issues so he and his wife have decided not to get the vaccine for themselves or their children.

Then there was the 50 year old gentleman who tried to shame everyone by saying it was people like them that were causing the new Delta Virus. He got real verbal then someone asked him what happened to “my body my right.” He laughed and said they had no right infecting him, he was asked if he had the vaccine and he said yes.

So then the 70 year old man asked him if he thought he could still get Covid why would he get the vaccine in the first place, was it a waste of his time.

Really, if you got the vaccine move on and let everyone do what they feel they need to do.

Janette Doherty

St. Maries

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If lies and myths about the vaccines spread so much that many people decide not to get vaccinated, more people could die and the pandemic will last longer. It’s important to check out claims that you hear, with reputable sources of information, and share good information with others. It will take all of us to fight back against deadly misinformation.


Actually the vaccine may not prevent an infection, but it does minimize for the most part. In addition those not participating are actually extending the plight w are all suffering. Moving on is impossible if ignorance continues to prevail. This is an individual, family, community, county, state and country. To refuse based on hearsay, lies or false information, is to endanger all groups, from the individual to the country.

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