Just read your latest diatribe. This hypocritical socialist thinks that the problems in this country come not from the left, but from reactionary fascists like you. (Does it surprise you that we hypocritical socialists also know how to call people stupid names?)

You said the mitten lady stopped making mittens because her taxes are too high. Don’t you have the same problem?  Aren’t your taxes too high? How do you stay in business?

I’m guessing, but could the answer be “Tax evasion – the act of not paying taxes that are owed.”   As you may know, tax evasion is illegal. It is also an underappreciated problem in the United States. 

According to the Brookings Institute, “….About one out of every six dollars owed in federal taxes is not paid. The amount of unpaid taxes every year is plausibly about three-quarters the size of the entire annual federal budget deficit.“

Research has shown that “the rate of income misreporting is significantly higher for income from sole proprietorships and farms…”

So, Mr. Publisher, that hypocritical socialist, Bernie Sanders wants to know:  Are you keeping your business alive by illegally evading taxes?

I am a tax-paying socialist from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, who wants to stop global warming

Jack Edmonston

Sandwich, Massachusetts

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What will we do—what can we do—to slow this human-caused warming? How will we cope with the changes we've already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the fate of the Earth as we know it—coasts, forests, farms, and snow-capped mountains—hangs in the balance.

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