I am taking this opportunity to address a very important issue pertaining to the continuing state of the public safety of Benewah County. More directly, the best qualified candidate for the sheriff of Benewah County.

My wife and I have resided in Benewah County for 16 years. We have owned property for 20 years. Over the years we have found the residents and the infrastructure within the county to be personally rewarding. We are very fortunate to live here.

My wife, Lori, and I are both 32-year law enforcement veterans. We were employed by the Broward Sheriff’s Office located in Broward County, Florida. I retired in 2006 as a lieutenant colonel, and Lori retired in 2011 as a senior detective.

In 2005 we were relatively new residents in Benewah County. One evening, a Benewah County Sheriff Deputy introduced himself as Tony Eells. He advised that he realized the house was occupied, and he elected to stop by and introduce himself.

We immediately realized that we had quite a bit in common, professionally and personally. Since that day, Lori and I have become close friends with now Undersheriff Tony Eells and his immediate family. We are very proud of Undersheriff Eells and the Benewah County sheriff’s office.

Lori and I traditionally have maintained a position not to directly get involved in politics. Whether it be related to the federal, state, county or local initiatives. However, with over 64 years of combined law enforcement experience, Lori and I thought it would be prudent to let the Gazette Record know that in this instance we would make an exception.

The citizens of Benewah County have a unique opportunity to elect an experienced, true, no-nonsense professional law enforcement person as the Benewah County Sheriff.

Undersheriff Eells and I have had multiple in-depth conversations during our personal relationship. Those conversations evolved around law enforcement as a 24-hour, seven days a week, profession. The majority of conversations were focused at the county level. The discussions included, but were not limited to, field operations, but focused on strategic planning, tactical operations, administration with emphasis on road patrol and jail operations, and operational budgets, just to name a few categories. Undersheriff Eells had demonstrated his leadership skills and can-do attitude no matter what the obstacle may be.

It is our opinion that Undersheriff Eells has demonstrated over the years that he has embraced, and fully supports the mission of Benewah County sheriff’s office, and is constantly looking to meet or exceed the stated goals of the sheriff’s office, the county and meet the law enforcement needs of all the citizens of Benewah County and their allies.

We fully support Undersheriff Eells for sheriff of Benewah County in the coming election. So should you.

Best Regards,

Gary and Lori Moore

St. Maries

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