After more than six years of working here at Benewah Community Hospital and being always grateful for the opportunity to join with so many great people to serve our friends and family, I had the opportunity in June to be on the other end.

With my insurance, I had the option to have my care anywhere I wanted. But I specifically chose to have my total knee replacement here at BCH because of the amazing and caring team that serves here. Although I hesitate to list names because of my concern I might leave someone out, I cannot say enough about the professionalism and compassion I received from Dr. McNulty, Rick Watts, CRNA, Bobbi Machado, RN (along with the amazing entire OR crew) as well as the care and attention by all the nurses and CMAs who helped me during my four day hospitalization. I had the fantastic experience of the same nurses taking care of me each day and night, which is incredibly reassuring. And even though any good physical therapist has to have a bit of a sadistic streak in them, Mark Feasline and his crew were pivotal in my rapid recovery and return to work in just four weeks.

I have always been vocal and enthusiastic in my support of the team here at BCH that without which my services as a surgeon would never amount to anything. But having now experienced their compassion and kindness from the other side, I have to say even more clearly that St. Maries has a fantastic team of health care providers right here in town on whom you can depend. For those of you who already know this – thanks for trusting us. For those who have not yet given us a chance – I strongly encourage you to come here for your health care. You will be pleased, for sure, if not amazed at the care you will receive.

William W. Wheeler, MD, FACS

St. Maries

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