It’s time once again for a practical accounting of our national debt – publicly reported at $22 trillion dollars. If some of our readers missed my last letter, concerning our $21 trillion national debt, here are the most recent facts.

One million dollars in 100 dollar bills weighs approximately 22 pounds. One billion dollars weighs about 22,000 pounds. One trillion dollars weighs in at 22,000,000 pounds. And 22 trillion dollars weighs a whopping 484,000,000 pounds, or 242,000 tons. That’s as much as 3457 M1A Abrams tanks fully loaded with ammo, Red Bull and Girlie magazines. Or two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers plus 40,000 tons of $600 hammers.

Parents, does this not concern you, that our elected officials have saddled your children and grandchildren with so great a burden? In a just society this would be considered treason and would be dealt with using the harshest of consequences.

There are no easy solutions, but I offer a few suggestions, some more righteous than other:

1. Implement a stiff energy consumption tax for every business and citizen, whether rich or poor, with all proceeds dedicated only to paying off the national debt. 2. Cut off all government welfare and let the nation’s churches support the poor, which is one of their original responsibilities. Return to 2 Thessalonians: “If a man will not work neither should he eat.” 3. Issue immigrant work visas each year at a modest cost (say, $200) and dry up the coyotes’ business on our southern border.

There may be some temporary fiscal pain required, but I’m reminded of the saying, “You can pay me now or pay me later.”

Ray Goddard


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