When you worship at the altar of secular humanism, political correctness is a core tenant of your belief. The gospel of political correctness is the practice of self-censorship. If you can’t be shamed into self-censoring, there are powers that will impose it on you, certainly, if you live in the Facebook/Twittersphere. Those deemed guilty of bad-speak are shadow-banned or put on time-out. Who are these arbiters of right-think? Did we elect them? Much of the blame lies at our feet and equally at the feet of academia.

For generations now the “slow march through the institutions” has been at play. Socialists/communists infiltrated higher education in the 1950’s. They instilled their ideology into their students, many became professors and teachers, wash, rinse, repeat, here we are.

The three R’s, reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic have been replaced with racism, reparations and radicalism. Critical thinking is now critical race theory. Fealty to the Constitution as the law of the land has been replaced with a diminishing, if not, outright hostile consideration that it is inadequate and outdated for this time. Censorship of any kind is anathema to freedom.

When we are censored by big tech or the media it is obvious, but when we self-censor ourselves it is far more insidious. We have ceded control of our own thoughts to the opinions of others, that makes us prisoners of our own minds, unable to defend our ideals and beliefs for fear of retribution from the thought-police of the day.

In the sea of ideas there is no censorship, good ideas flourish and grow, bad ideas wither and sink. When there is censorship the sea rapidly shrinks to a stagnant pond, only the approved ideas are allowed, regardless of merit, homogenous group-think is the rule, individualism and free thought, verboten.

The multi-hued vibrant world of color and expression becomes lifeless and grey. Censorship steals the ability to question and seek answers. The hippies used to say “question authority.” Now that they have authority they tell us, “listen to the experts” and “we know what’s best for you,” really?

These same acid tongued, dope smoking, half-baked academic graduates of the socialist/communist madrasas? Censorship creates ignorance because the censors decide what information is allowed to be known by the masses.

Richard R Deaver

St. Maries

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