Long-time St. Maries resident, Terrie Derry, has been struggling for years with end-stage liver failure. This week, Terrie and her family got some exciting news. While an inpatient at the University of Washington Hospital in Seattle, she was notified that she moved up to #1 on the transplant list and then was quickly notified that a liver was available to her. Within 12-hours, she was prepped for surgery. Terrie had her liver transplant on the night of November 3. Things are looking very positive, and her physicians say that she is doing even better than expected.

Most of you probably know Terrie from Jack’s Pharmacy – she worked there for years before having to go onto disability due to her liver disease. She is a mother of three (Sheena, Kyleen, and Linsey) and a grandma to 10 grandkids who love her dearly. Terrie’s family cannot be more excited to have their quirky, fun-loving, smart-aleck mom back to health. (If you know Terrie, you know exactly what I mean).

Once Terrie recovers in the hospital, she will have to stay in Seattle close to her surgeon for at least three months. The cost of surgery itself, lodging, and caretaking is going to be a very overwhelming expense. If you are able to help in anyway, please consider helping out this family. A Gofundme account has been set-up for donations (https://gf.me/u/y69nb9), and there is also an account set up at Banner Bank: Terrie Derry Transplant. The Derry family and friends greatly appreciate your support and your well wishes.

Becca Plante

St. Maries

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