The situation with the President, whatever one’s political leanings, has come to a point where it exceeds mere party affiliation. To ignore egregious behavior, or to make excuses for it or try to “normalize it” or worse, support it by any competent person, would shed an ill light upon that person.

Those persons elected or appointed to public office, or are members of our armed forces, or civil services, must all take an oath to support, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States, regardless of political leanings.

When a person exhibits a lack of morals, ethics, and the common good, while attempting to enrich themselves through their office, and enlisting foreign assistance in efforts against their political rivals, this, by its very nature, is what the founding fathers feared and took measures against, in the form of impeachment, for the protection of our constitutional republic.

Any person who denies, or otherwise looks away or defends this behavior, or puts their allegiance to the person or to party affiliation over country or to the Constitution, thereby preserving the power or control over the republic by an individual or party, and circumventing or undermining the Constitution for such ends, seeks knowingly or unknowingly to end the Republic and enter into autocracy. Or worse.

For if one person or party demands such loyalty, and it is freely given and allows such egregious behavior regardless of law or consequences to continue unchecked, we no longer live in a constitutional republic.

Bill Weems


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