The January 1st edition of letters to the editor started out with a letter from Paul Underwood entitled “Time to start thinking of what is best for our country.” The only thing I could agree with was the title. First he defines the word Evangelist (one who promulgates the gospel) and then ties it in with the definition of hypocrite (one who’s actions belie their stated belief). I assume Paul is not an evangelical, since he so smugly groups all who stand under that banner by putting them under the title of hypocrite simply because we support our current president.

Next he makes the outlandish statement that we should call ourselves atheists because we believe our president can do no wrong. I am an evangelical Christian, but like most (and hopefully all) Christians, the last thing we would ever claim is that any man can do no wrong, because all of us fall far short of the mark. When we voted for President Trump we were not voting for the most virtuous person on the planet. We were voting for a leader who promised several things that correspond with our beliefs and our desires for our country.

Those included a tax cut for the middle class, the elimination of Obamacare, a strengthening of our country, both economically and militarily, strong border protection and, most important to Christians, a strong pro-family and pro-life platform. Talk about having a leader who is doing what is best for our country. That is my definition of our president. Has he kept his promises? In spite of constant badgering and the outright attempt to remove him from office he has not only kept his promises, he has surpassed them. The same edition had an article by Cliff Sims showing that in 2016 the Congressional Budget Office, in forecasting job creation for the year 2019, estimated the economy would only create 25,000 jobs per month while the actual number came in at 167,000 per month. Now that sounds like what is best for our county.

So would we like to go back to a leader who would not stand for those promises and in fact would reverse them, or would you agree that our country is much better for President Trump being in office the past three years? I for one am very encouraged by our president, but just like you and me, he has his faults. But boy can he lead a country.

And while I am at it, I would like to address the childish statement that Trump can ignore any law he sees fit to without consequences, as long as the “good” Christians prosper. Do you recall President Obama’s IRS illegally targeting conservative groups based on their names and refusing to uphold the “Defense of Marriage Act?” Talk about ignoring any law he sees fit. Let’s all be careful of using the term “hypocrite” because we may be living in glass houses.

Haran Schoming

St. Maries

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