It seems the small group opposing the cell tower in Santa is using different and lame rhetoric to convince everyone they know what’s best for all.

They started out with the false claim and scare tactic of 5G waves, and now they claim safety research is needed as they don’t know what dangers might exist. Suffice to say, they shouldn’t wear their tin foil hats near towers. And they even bring up fire danger as a last resort.

We should deal with the realities here, and address the problem of an old land line system with more and longer failures during winter months. We have had failures that have lasted from several days to a week at a time, and the system is getting older.

Another reality is that most of the residents are seniors, and the ability to call for medical aid is a matter of life and death.

How many casualties or collateral damage are you willing to take responsibility for in fear of decreased property values? I would venture to guess there is a lack of concern for your neighbors welfare – or survival.

What is particularly hypocritical is the St. Maries residents who have cell service and phones spearheading the effort to deny the cell service to Santa residents, as they know what’s best for us.

We now have to wonder how much we can trust some of our Good Neighbors when it comes to the welfare of others.

Ray L. Fink


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