St. Maries Ambulance is aware of the ongoing concerns that our community is facing surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. We would like the public to know that St. Maries Ambulance is prepared and ready to respond when we are needed. We are constantly working with our healthcare partners at Benewah Community Hospital, Panhandle Health District and other area EMS agencies to monitor the situation at hand.

St. Maries Ambulance encourages the public to visit the CDC’s website at to get the most current and accurate information. Knowing what to look for, the proper steps to take, staying home if you are sick, as well as social distancing are some of the best ways to prevent the spread of this virus.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms; fever, cough, shortness of breath; please call Panhandle Health District COVID-19 information line at 1-877-415-5225 (M-F from 8-5). Also, self-isolate yourself and wait for instruction from Panhandle.

Please do not call an ambulance as this will not get you into the hospital to be tested any quicker. The St. Maries Ambulance is working with BCH and following the protocols they have set out on behalf of this virus.

To help keep the spread of any illness to a minimum, if you do not need the ambulance to transport you and you can drive yourself, have a family member or a neighbor who can help, please ask them. But as always, if you have a medical emergency and need assistance immediately, do not hesitate to call 911. Please inform dispatch on as much information as possible when it comes to symptoms you are experiencing, so that EMS personnel can better prepare themselves for whatever they might come into contact with.

We ask that you keep in mind, that if our volunteer EMS personnel are exposed, it will limit the amount of people we have to respond to future emergencies. With that said, please self-isolate yourself if you are feeling sick, been exposed and/or have been to a hotspot. – again, call 911 if you are truly having difficulty breathing and need assistance immediately.

As of 3/23/2020 there are no confirmed cases in Benewah County. We plan to update our community with information on cases as they arise.

Also, at this time, St. Maries ambulance would like to apologize as we have decided to close our building to the general public. We will not be holding any trainings, CPR classes or lending out any equipment until further notice.

We thank you for your understanding in this difficult time and hope everyone continues to stay healthy and practice safe hygiene.

Kristin Compton

St. Maries

Ambulance Director

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