Well, well, well, it didn’t take long for the next debacle to come along. We now find out the Biden administration is now planning to pay illegal aliens $450,000 because they were separated from their families. When asked about this at a recent press briefing, he stated, “This is garbage reporting”. Wow, he was finally honest. Everything this president has done since coming into office has been out of the garbage can. So, I guess he is finally being truthful. It is amazing. He has not been this way with the 13 soldiers that lost their lives in Kabul. He has not been this good to the ranchers along the border who are not safe in their own homes because of the invasion going on. We don’t even take this kind of care for out elderly who are struggling to make ends meet. The desire to move this country to socialism by any means is unbelievable. I just cannot see how any American can go along with this line of thought. We should have learned by looking at what happened with the affordable care act. It made health care go up to where it is not affordable for anyone without help from the government or businesses. (Work) Now inflation is going wild making it harder and harder to pay for just the normal things that we use every day. Food, gas, clothing, electricity, rent, utilities; you name it, it all costs more, and with the spending that Dems are proposing and probably passing, this will be just the tip of the iceberg. You know why they are passing ahead? It’s because when you cannot afford to live, then you have to go along with socialism. They have a small window to do this, so look out. It is good that people are starting to wake up, but it may not have been quick enough.

The vaccine push has moved down to 5-to-12 year olds. This seems to be a big concern of Joe. The chance of hospitalization due to COVID in this age group is .003 percent. Yet, some school districts have chosen to mandate these shots. California to be specific. I really believe that we need to let these children develop natural immunities. There is next to no risk. This vaccine, that is not a vaccine, is now being scheduled for 2 booster shots. It will turn into a perpetual thing, and we will not know the long-term effects for years. Big pharma is getting good effects. The mandates are affecting business causing serious problems throughout this country. In my life, I have never seen so many signs seeking workers! Now we are going to eliminate those people who do not choose to have the shot. Does this seem insane to more people than myself? Why are we allowing this to happen? What ever happened to freedom of choice? Pretty soon we will be asking what happened to freedom.

Let’s give Joe some credit, he is staying true to his record, this garbage reporting is right on. This garbage presidency is continuing to pull everything out of the garbage can and throwing it at the American public trying to get it to stick. Hate to see him change now!

Bub Arnold

St. Maries

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And your beloved Trump did not report garbage? Or his cult?

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