I find it interesting that the Christian right is getting criticism for its support of President Trump. Let’s be very clear there is no moral high ground in politics, period, there are issues only. So take your pick, open borders, abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy, federal welfare for those who don’t deserve it, tax the working to give to anybody that wants it citizen or not, an FBI that can do anything it feels like, etc, etc, etc. - or America First.

Let’s be clear, neither political party likes Donald J. Trump, his efforts to drain the swamp has been met with opposition since his first day in office. He was elected, Democrats get over it. And the present efforts to remove him from office are nothing short of an attempted coup.

Why would the Russians help him get in office? Hillary was the one whose company was the supplier of the uranium they need. Now it’s the impeachment fraud, The Biden connection to the Ukraine is at the bottom of this, Hunter Biden received a multi-million dollar job because his dad has political power, nothing more nothing less.

Don stumbled on to this because he told the Ukraine government to clean up the corruption in their government to get billions of US aid, the same thing he told the Mexican government about their corruption problem.

So finally somebody told a foreign government to clean up their act in order to get “our” tax dollars. Oh, but the politicians in Washington D.C. say we can’t have that, really, really?

So now the left is criticizing Christians for their support of President Trump. Why, because they hate him. I too wish he wouldn’t tweet or Instagram so much. He donates his entire presidential wage to charity, he don’t need the money honey, he just doesn’t give a damn what I, they or anybody else thinks. America needs to wake up, and decide what they want, and I’m scared their going to make the wrong choice.

RR Krebs

St. Maries

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