A point by point un-masking of the true radicals and extremists.

Several cowardly concerned citizens hid behind masks, signs and children to protest “extremism” claiming Ammon Bundy’s presence was a threat to our community. These same protesters support BLM, a Marxist organization with financial ties to the Communist Chinese party. They speak for Antifa, saying “they don’t care about ‘lil ol’ St. Maries”? What and who do they know in Antifa?

Abortion is murder. According to Merriam-Webster, murder: the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice, God’s law is very specific about that. “The dark obsession with extreme punishment” is documented by FBI Agent Larry Grathwohl when he infiltrated the Weather Underground, the same Weather Underground of Bill Ayres who launched Obama’s campaign, watch the two and a half minute interview on YouTube and tell me who has the “dark obsession with extreme punishment.”

As far as being hyperbolic, of course you are, that’s what communist agit-prop is, radicalization of the well intentioned masses. “Electing comrades” is part of the communist agenda, they can’t escape their own vernacular.

Accept the result of the vote? Didn’t Hillary just publicly state that Joe Biden should never concede an election loss? Haven’t they been “resisting” the results of the last presidential election for the last four years? And again with the extremist/fascist label? Who is doing the gas-lighting here? Who is projecting their tactics and methods on to the law-abiding citizens? There is no “compassionate justice” or social justice, there is only justice. I believe in America, self-determination, the laws of nature and nature’s God, I will be labeled an extremist by these communists, I’ve been called worse by better, I will not be bullied by authoritarian pseudo-academics, virtue signaling their alleged moral high ground, into believing any of the contrived propaganda they are pushing.

Do your own research Benewah County, check my facts, don’t use Google or Wikipedia though, skewed results. Stand against the cowardly nameless and faceless extremists that want to turn our community into another communist utopia like Portland or Seattle. I also adhere to the adage, “Better to be despised by the despicable, than admired by the admirable.”

P.S. Arson is not climate change.

Richard R Deaver

St Maries

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