On January 6 we witnessed frustrated patriots and violent Antifa Democrat Party operatives storm the Capitol Building. We also witnessed the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed female military veteran (think LaVoy Finnicum). They never used live ammunition on BLM or Antifa when they were killing police and burning down cities. Why did this incident happen? Here is my question for every American:

What did you think would happen when you impeached, under false pretenses, a President who was the choice of close to half of America?

What did you think would happen when you spent each and every day denigrating 73 million Trump supporters, calling them “bitter clingers,” “deplorables,” who live in “flyover country,” who go to work, pay their taxes and just want to be left alone?

What did you think would happen when you stole an election, right out in broad daylight, with the help of folks who are supposed to be on our side. I’m talking about the Georgia Secretary of State here. Then did it again two days ago, with the help of the very same guy.

What did you think would happen when the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear us on a case in which they have primary jurisdiction?

What did you think would happen when 74 million Americans watched the folks supposedly on their own team, tell them to roll over and suck it up?

Going forward, knowing that 74 million Republican, independent, along with a few million Democrat voters did not vote for stacking the Supreme Court, the admission of Puerto Rico & D.C. as states, the “Green New Deal,” massive wealth redistribution, gun confiscation or national lockdowns or mask mandates, what do you think will happen when a totally leftist-controlled government tries to ram those policies down our collective throats? It seems like a hopeless situation.

I am very concerned. And every American patriot should be too. All of us should stand tall and resist this communist takeover of our country, but only a few will. I pray there will be enough committed patriots to get the job done.

Don McCoy


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