The Mayor and City Council recently decided not to renew the protection contract with the Sheriff’s Department.

This seems confusing to me, well not really. I saw this coming when the Mayor and his go-to councilman’s candidate lost during the primaries.

I will start with what should be confusing to the taxpayer. The Mayor a while back made a statement that the County was not doing a good job with law enforcement in the City. So, the officers cracked down. During which a City worker was given a ticket for speeding, which he got out of because of some computer glitch, and a city councilman’s wife received a ticket for rolling through a stop sign. Maybe a little aggressive on the Officer’s behalf, BUT the Mayor was the one who wanted more tickets, he compared the money received from tickets issued recently, to a past period, without anyone knowing what possible variances could have affected that.

There was comment that the city is getting double taxed, but aren’t you planning on a city police force? Of course you are, and this will cost the taxpayers much more than the adequate protection we are getting now. Shouldn’t an area with a higher population density have increased protection? How many bar fights are there in the Benewah? How many stop signs on Sanders Road? How many businesses in St. Joe City? Get the point?

The question is, are the city taxpayers happy with the job the Sheriff’s Department is doing?

Well, we have had a Primary Election and a General Election in the last few months. The undersheriff won both elections against a candidate supported by the Mayor and a couple councilmen.

Every precinct in St. Maries voted in favor of Tony Eells. The Mayor’s candidate, a write-in, which would normally handicap a candidate. Surely it didn’t in this case because Tami is well-known in St. Maries, and I doubt if there is a registered voter in the City who does not know of her. If the Sheriff’s Department is doing such a bad job why did she lose in every city precinct, and why is the Mayor and a couple councilmen not listening to the voters and trying to push their personal agenda down the taxpayer’s throats, like the water meters?

New council members, please remember you are there to serve the citizens. Older council members and Mayor, shame on you.

Harry Grubham

St. Maries

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