Biden and his Democratic party are complete and utter failures.

Every single policy that Joe Biden and his socialist party are standing by are destroying and hurting our beautiful country and the American people. Look at Joe Biden’s 50-year history of failed policies. Joe is just a puppet. Biden and Harris are completely unqualified to hold the highest positions that we have.

You won’t hear me refer to Joe Biden as President. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, ANTIFA, BLM, Jerry Nadler and James Comey are all cancers.

I could include many more, like Illian Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Occasio Cortez and all that support them. They all hate this country, our flag, our national anthem and everything American. I love this country and fly four flags from my golf cart that I drive around town.

I fly the American Flag, the Thin Blue Line flag that supports the police, also a Trump 2024 flag and a F*** Biden flag. The Democrats ran on Defund the Police, Open Borders and lies. The crime in the Democratic cities is way, way out of control. New York, Minnesota, Chicago, Seattle and California are destroyed, while cities all over this country are burned and looted. The Democrats sit on their a***s and do nothing.

Actually, they are doing something. They are turning a blind eye, they fund the violent thugs from ANTIFA and BLM and they let go the most violent criminals to our streets to commit more violence. There is a reason why the democrats have a donkey as an emblem – that’s because they are all a***s.

Let me mention the crackhead, womanizer, scumbag Hunter Biden. Oh, I forgot to add artist. He is selling his garbage and childlike blow art for $500,000 per painting and not disclosing who is buying them.

Rest assured, he is selling access to his also corrupt father Joe Biden. Joe Biden (the big guy) and his family can easily be compared to a mafia family. Hey want to wipe out our history by tearing down our statues and censoring all that disagree with them. Plus Critical Race Theory (CRT) that’s being taught to our children. They are trying to divide this country and teaching our children to hate. I can go on and on.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about tomorrow. So please get out and let your voice be heard.

Stay strong and keep the faith.

Russell Diener

St. Maries

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Paper Queen

Great article! Love this country, our flag, our police and our Veterans-and soldiers! You knew Biden was a loser and socialist—yet, he got voted in :(. We stand by the Constitution—esp. the 2nd amendment! You Donkey lovers voted Biden in, now we have to get him out! And, if you don’t love our country, get out! The only reason we are free is because we have the right to bear arms!! 🇺🇸 WAKE UP AMERICA!! 🇺🇸


Typical Republican, making statements without the facts. I see Trumpism has succeeded in brainwashing you. BTW, who is teaching our children to hate? Your profanity flags driven all over town and to your place of worship is an excellent example.


Sick, false and unamerican

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