We are now approaching one full year of being told to be afraid, stay at home, close our businesses, cover our faces, social distance, and it is to keep us safe, safe from each other, while most all small businesses have been erased, and our economy destroyed.

I don’t like it, do you?

Our new president now tells us there is nothing we/he can do but continue wearing masks for another 100 days, and, take the shot, an experimental concoction that is destroying the lives of seniors across the world. I don’t trust his words. I have researched beyond the mainstream’s announcements. Important information is being censored from us and it is becoming harder and harder to find truth.

Stop using your TV, Youtube and Google to find truth, they are not our friends, they will censor inconvenient truths/news and mis-direct you.

I have found a number of new alternatives to Youtube and Google, and you should too, look, think. Bitchute dot com, does not censor. To learn a shocking and different reality than what you have been told, Go to:


Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Judy Mikovits are brilliant examples of brave Americans who are trying to open our eyes with truth, and are speaking out at risk to their lives, contesting the information/pronouncements of the World Health Organization, a very rare pair.

I can only make you think.

Roger Barker

St. Maries

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Bit Chute is a hotbed for hate. It is a safe haven for white supremacists. A violent extremists outlet. It welcomes hate speech that all other social media bans. That's where Trump supporters are migrating to - the Wild West of video sharing, mingling with far right supporters.


To fear science, to believe information spewed by hate, that is intended to cause hate, discontent and confusion is so unfortunate unfortunate. Having medical professionals In My family, I chose science, common sense and honesty. I have had the vaccine and am a senior and it has been just fine. By dwelling in these areas of nonsense, only causes more fear.

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