Yes, it’s true. The mumbling, bungling, cognitively lost fool named Joe Biden is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Biden is now letting members of the Taliban travel to the United States.

What is he thinking?

The Taliban are gruesome, violent, murderous animals. They behead those who don’t agree with their way.

Biden withdrew from Afghanistan leaving hundreds of Americans behind. If you think the Biden Regime cares about this country, then take a look at all the harm he has done.

Everything that Biden and his Regime touch hurt everyone. For all that voted for Biden – how do like you what you bought? This country is moving closer to communism daily.

1.7 million migrants entered our country since Biden took office and tens of thousands more coming. If you don’t have borders, then you don’t have a country.

And where is Kamala Harris? She is as useless as a patient who had a lobotomy. All she does is cackle and laugh at serious issues. Where is she on women’s rights? She called Biden a sexist and has a seat in the second highest position in this country. She can’t handle the job and should step down.

Biden needs to be impeached and tried for treason. If you still support Joe Biden’s policies then you need to get your head examined.


Do you like your children being taught in school to hate? What about being shut out of your child’s education and what is being taught? Critical Race Theory (CRT) is sickening.

I’ve got so much to say about the Biden Regime.

For those who don’t like the freedom of this great nation – then get out. It’s time to open your eyes. Biden is the Pied Piper of morons.

Republicans get out and voice your opinions because it is so important to save our country and the freedoms we have or we won’t have a country.

The “crisis” in this country is strictly Joe Biden’s fault.

Russell Diener

St. Maries

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The crisis in this country is the result of idiots like you drinking the koolaid and believing the lies spread by your almighty Trump and all his followers. Keep listening to FOX to hear more lies. It's people like you that are trying to destroy our constitutional democracy in this country.

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