The third quarter was not kind to the Lakeside girls basketball team at the 1AD2 state tournament last weekend.

The Knights, who went into both Thursday and Friday’s intermissions behind, were put away in the third quarter of each game.

Thursday’s opener with Tri-Valley saw Lakeside to a 16-26 deficit, and after cutting into the lead with a quick four points, the Knights were unable to score until the fourth frame.

“We just didn’t play very well, and you have to give credit to Tri-Valley for playing really good defense,” Coach Chris Dohrman said. “We weren’t able to get our offense going, and pretty much got doubled up in every category, from rebounding to second chance points.”

Jolissa Holt led Lakeside with nine points in a 22-46 defeat that sent her team to the consolation side of the bracket.

Lakeside 22, Tri-Valley 46

LHS 6 10 4 2 22

TV 11 15 10 10 46

J. Holt 9 pts., 4-4 FT, 1 reb., 2 as., 3 st.; Havier-Gorr 4 pts., 1-1 FT, 1 reb., 1 as., 1 st.; Adrian 4 pts., 2-2 FG, 1 reb.; Anderson 2 pts., 4 reb., 1 st.; A. Holt 2 pts., 3 reb., 2 st.; Peters 1 pt., 2 reb., 1 as., 2 st.

Lakeside surged back in the second quarter of a consolation game with Mackay Feb. 21, outscoring the Miners 17-12 with several big shots from Ashlee Holt, but was unable to overcome a 4-11 third quarter.

Ashlee scored 15 points in the 41-49 loss that exited the Knights from the tournament.

“We played much better,” Coach Dohrman said. “A slow third quarter was really where we lost that game. We also missed a lot of easy shots we normally make that would have made this a closer game, or even given us a win.”

The Knights were out-rebounded 23-52 in the loss.

Lakeside 41, Mackay 49

LHS 5 17 4 15 41

MAC 12 12 11 14 49

A. Holt 15 pts., 6-12 FG, 2-6 3 PT, 1-1 FT, 4 reb., 4 as., 2 st.; J. Holt 8 pts., 4-6 FT, 2 reb., 3 as., 2 st.; Havier-Gorr 7 pts., 1 reb., 2 st.; Peters 4 pts., 2 reb., 1 as., 2 st.; Middleton 3 pts., 1 reb.; Adrian 2 pts., 3 reb., 1 st.; Anderson 2 pts., 2 reb., 3 as., 1 st.

“We had a very good season,” Coach Dohrman added. “We learned, improved and will look to build off this season and this trip to state.”

Lakeside closes with a 15-8 record.

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