St. Maries’ middle school wrestlers came away with 19 wins at Woodland Middle School Nov. 16.

Undefeated wrestlers on the night included Ezekiel Watts (2-0), Beau Wentzel (2-0), Aiden Yearout (1-0), Jack Barta (1-0), Louis Ballew (1-0), Rustle Brusseau (1-0), Dylan Hansen (1-0), Jaemon Harold (1-0), Justin Howard (1-0), Donny Morris (1-0), Zack Sotin (1-0) and Amado Stewart (1-0).

Coach Humphrey credited Zach David and Kelby Harvey for their efforts. “It was probably the best competition, overall, that we faced this year,” Coach Hayden Humphrey said. “They gave some of our real experienced wrestlers some tough matches.”

The team hosts its lone home event Tuesday, Nov. 30 at St. Maries Middle School, and will compete in the district championships the following week.

“These kids are working hard, they want to get better every practice,” Coach Humphrey said. “They have their eyes set on winning districts.”

Overall Records as of Nov. 23

Beau Wentzel – 5-0; Amado Stewart – 4-0; Jack Barta – 4-0; Zack Sotin – 4-0; Jaemon Harold – 3-0; Zachary David – 5-1; Ezekiel Watts – 4-1; Kelby Harvey – 4-1; Justin Howard – 3-1; Donny Morris – 3-1; Kristoffer Brusseau – 3-1; Louis Ballew – 3-1; Trace Chatigny – 4-2; Dylan Hansen – 2-1; Donald Johnson – 3-2; Owen Chatigny – 2-1; Rustle Brusseau – 2-1; Brock Barta – 2-2; JoJane Barta – 2-2; Aiden Yearout – 1-1; Isiah Gustaffe – 1-3; Eavan Johnson – 0-4; James Talbot – 0-4; Allan Wise – 0-5

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