Lakeside’s football team met the state’s second-ranked Oakley Hornets in Parma last weekend in its first playoff appearance in nearly two decades.

The Knights went down early as the Oakley flexed its 55-point per game average, putting up 76 in the game that ended with Lakeside behind 6-76.

“We ran into a very good football team Saturday,” Coach Chris Dohrman said. “We didn’t play well. We had five or six turnovers, and we needed to be perfect.”

Senior J.J. Hall got Lakeside on the board in the third quarter, catching a pass from Tucker Sanchez and taking it 52 yards for the team’s lone touchdown.

“I’m very proud. We had a great season. It’s nice to make the postseason and see where we’re at,” Coach Dohrman said. “We still have a long way to go as a football program, and we will strive to be competitive in our next trip to the playoffs.”

Lakeside 6, Oakley 76

LHS 0 0 6 0 6

OAK 14 36 20 6 76

Passing: Sanchez – 9-18, 99 yds., TD

Rushing: Arroyo – 4 rush, 17 yds.

Receiving: Hall – 5 rec., 84 yds., TD; Reuben – 3 rec., 15 yds.

Defense: Hall – 13 tkl, INT; Sperber – 11 tkl., TFL; Arroyo – 6 tkl., TFL; Sanchez – 6 tkl., TFL; Q. Hall – 4 tkl., Gorr – 3 tkl.; Brown – 3 tkl., TFL

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