A complaint from a referee in regards to the soccer field near the Cormana Building was quickly addressed with action from the city of St. Maries and is being remedied.

St. Maries High School Principal John Cordell said the school received an email from referee Tom Gasper earlier this month (Sept. 4) following a high school soccer game at the field.

In his email, Mr. Gasper said he found several faults with the field. He expressed the field was “extremely uneven, with several grooves and impressions over the entire field.”

He also said the field was “extremely hard to the points that cleats don’t penetrate the ground surface.”

Mr. Cordell said the concerns were valid and he contacted the city a couple days later.

“He (Mr. Gasper) said it was borderline playable and so I took those concerns to the city and I have to commend Tom (Carver, mayor) and Mark (Reynolds, public works director) and his crew. They went right to work and did a great job to immediately address and remedy the problem.”

Mayor Carver said the city aerated the field with a piece of machinery and replaced a few sprinkler heads that had stopped working.

“We did some things to get it improved and it is looking better right now,” Mr. Carver said.

Mr. Cordell agreed.

“It’s looking so much better now,” Mr. Cordell said.

Mr. Cordell said the conditions of the field did not endanger the cancellation or rescheduling of any games and that the field is fine now for use.

The St. Maries School District does pay a fee to the city of St. Maries for the use of city fields for activities such as baseball, softball, soccer and P.E. classes. The district pays $3,437.50 annually.

“That’s the same rate we have paid for a number of years,” Danette Cordell, business manager for the school district, said, “since 2011 at least.”

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The field is an embarrassment to the school. The school doesn't get $3,400 dollars out of the city and the maintenance of the soccer field. A referee (and it may be the one referenced in the article) had to put a piece of Paul Bunyan Days trash in a hole during the first home game--a piece of trash filling a hole. Not only the school, but the city should be ashamed of the care of that field. School officials, we have a perfectly good field at the football field. Paint soccer lines and have the goal nets moved.

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