Three or four more series, and the Lakeside football team might have gotten its legs.

But in a Kansas City tiebreaker with Mullan/St. Regis Nov. 5 at Kootenai High, the Knights didn’t have the luxury of three – or even two – series of offense to get going.

A few quick plays by the Tigers put Lakeside in a 0-8 hole, and an even quicker set of downs for the Knights ended their season in less than eight minutes as they gained three yards on four plays in a contest that would determine the North Star League’s representative in the 1AD2 state playoffs.

“Mullan made plays and we didn’t,” Coach Chris Dohrman, who coached the Knights to a share of the NSL title this season, commented. “In a Kansas City tiebreaker there isn’t time to make mistakes, and we made a few that cost us.”

Lakeside ran a pair of rushing plays, along with a short toss to Devin Arroyo, in its first three plays to set up a fourth and seven from just outside the 20-yard line.

The final play saw Mullan nab a would-be interception in the end zone before the ball dropped to the turf.

The turnover ended the contest at 0-8 in favor of Mullan, who went on to host Kendrick in a state quarterfinal game Nov. 9 and lose 34-82 to the White Pine League champion.

“It was a very good year for us,” Coach Dohrman said. “I’m extremely proud of this group of young men. They had a great season that they can all be really proud of.”

Lakeside closes its season with a 6-1, 3-1 NSL record.

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