Motocross racers won big at the recent Muddy Butt Tag Team races May 5.

In the adult divisions, more than 100 riders vied for the top spot in their eleven respective classes. In the Pro Tag Team, Cody and Trace Hanson took first, followed by Austin Schiermeister and Garret Flach in second and Warren and Kyle Joiner in third. For Pro Ironman, top honors went to Jaylen Branen, followed by Daniel Brown and matt Spears. In the 85 Expert competition, Byron Hamby took first place, Cohen Little claimed second and CJ Moore came in third.

In the A-Class tag team, Kiefer and Eli Gibson won first place, with Branden Waller and Corey Nelson taking second and Andrew and Hunter Kotshevar in third. Kyle Sibert and Jesse Miller took the lead in the B-Class tag-team, with Keaton and Carson Wells in second and Ethan Steiner and Jay Carney securing third. In Quads, Holly Schwartzman took first place, followed by Eric Miller in second and Jim Schwartzman taking third.

Shawn Steward won first place in the Ironman Amateur, with Alek Blaser in second and David Burdett in third. In the Old Timers competition, the 30 years and older category was won by Logan Shelden and Jake Barney, followed by Mike Frederick and Dave Howard in second and Trevor Yochum and Waylon Caldwell taking third. The 45 years and older category was wom by Bryan Witt and Bryan Heater, with Shawn Waller and Rick Clark taking second.

In the Father-Son Team competition, Dave and Travis Griffiths took first place, with Jerrod and Rydge Oertli in second and Chris and Brayden Buell taking third. For Jack and Jill teams, Bobbi Massic and Bert Dodge took first, followed by Richi Jahns and Jamie Parks in second and Vicki Isakson and Ac Reeder in third.

There were also a number of youth winners at the race. In the 50 A class, Braylee Figueroa claimed first place and Rylan Harvey came in second. For the 50 B class, Trevan Williams took first, Christopher Szafransky finished second and Ethan Smith came third. Kayson Sexton led the 65 A class, followed by Jayce Haynes and Blayze Shea. The 65 B class saw Colton Storey taking first, followed by Aiden Figueroa and Payton Reynolds. Caleb Adams won first place in the Mini-4 competition, followed by Nolan Matheny in second and Henry Jacobson taking third. In the 85 Beginners Main class, Kayson Sexton won first place, with Damon Sutterlin securing second and Colton Storey finishing third.

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