Sotin, Martin lead runner up finish

St. Maries' wrestling team finished second overall at the Clearwater Valley Duals Jan. 29 and 30, winning eight of its nine duals. Dylan Sotin and Sam Martin were both undefeated at the event, while five other Lumberjacks finished with winning records.

Between St. Maries’ wrestling coach Dennis Humphrey’s top four wrestlers, the Lumberjacks held a 24-3 record at the Clearwater Valley Duals Jan. 29 and 30.

The result for St. Maries was a second-place team finish, and the only team to come in ahead of the Jacks were the defending state champions from Ririe.

“Our young guys really matured out of that,” Coach Humphrey said. “Wrestling back-to-back-to-back like that, it’s good for them to see that before hopefully going to state and having to do it down there.”

Dylan Sotin was undefeated for St. Maries at 4-0, and earned the “Most Outstanding Wrestler” award. It was Dylan’s second time earning the honor at the Clearwater Valley Duals.

Sam Martin wrestled in eight of St. Maries’ nine duals and won each of his matches. He finished seven of his eight wins in the first period.

Delbert Lambson went 7-1, Ethan Kolar was 5-2 and Scott Sotin also finished with a winning record at 5-4.

“It’s kind of like seeing the lights come on with some of these kids,” Coach Humphrey said. “It’s so cool to just watch it click, and after that they just wrestled so tough.”

Upcoming: The Lumberjacks host Lewiston JV and Kellogg Thursday for senior night. Matches are set to begin at 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday St. Maries will compete at the Bonners Ferry Invite, beginning at 4 p.m. Friday and resuming Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

106: Brock Anderson – 0-4: Loss 0-7/Pinned 0:52/Pinned 5:11/Pinned 0:52; 120: Dylan Sotin – 4-0: Win by Fall 2:38/Win by Fall 3:00/Win by Fall 0:51/Win 4-2; 126: Jesse Mattox – 0-6: Pinned 0:03/Pinned 1:10/Pinned 0:45/Pinned 1:00/Pinned 2:19/Pinned 0:27; 132: Hunter Norris – 4-3: Win by Fall 2:58/Win 5-4/Win by Fall 3:34/Loss 4-6/Win by Fall 3:42/Pinned 4:38/Pinned 1:38; 138: Sam Martin – 8-0: Win by Fall 1:20/Win by Fall 4:59/Win by Fall 0:21/Win by Fall 1:46/Win by Fall 3:00/Win by Fall 1:11/Win by Fall 1:13/Win by Fall 2:28; 145: Ethan Kolar – 5-2: Pinned 2:18/Win by Fall 1:00/Win by Fall 2:30/Win 13-2/Win by Fall 2:54/Win by Fall 3:49/Pinned 0:36; 152: Austin Thivierge – 0-4: Pinned 3:46/Pinned 1:13/Pinned 1:56/Pinned 0:20; 160: Trey Gibson – 4-4: Pinned 0:44/Win by Fall 1:00/Pinned 2:25/Win by Fall 0:59/Pinned 5:23/Win by Fall 0:59/Pinned 1:23/Win by Fall 0:27; 170: Scott Sotin – 5-4: Win by Fall 0:29/Pinned 0:32/Pinned 0:12/Win by Fall 1:47/Win by Fall 1:04/Pinned 1:40/Win by Fall 1:43/Pinned 0:44/Win by Fal 3:22; 182: Alex Lambson – 0-5: Pinned 1:04/Pinned 1:28/Pinned 2:33/Pinned 4:38/Pinned 2:26; 195: Kyle Sibert – 3-3: Win by Fall 0:20/Win by Fall 0:54/Loss 6-9/Win 12-0/Pinned 4:27/Pinned 1:08; 220: Landon Warren – 4-4: Pinned 0:48/Pinned 0:24/Win by Fall 2:13/Win by Fall 3:57/Win by Fall 2:26/Pinned 0:55/Win by Fall 3:05/Pinned 0:26; 285: Delbert Lambson – 7-1: Win by Fall 1:00/Win by Fall 0:40/Win by Fall 0:55/Win by Fall 1:55/Win by Fall 1:00/Win by Fall 1:08/Loss 3-5/Win 12-11; Madelynn Johnson – 0-1: Pinned 2:53

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