The St. Maries School District still plans to hire some employees, but some of the job openings are put on hold.

Superintendent Alica Holthaus said that the district has had several openings this year even before the cornovirus pandemic caused schools to close in March.

“We've had more openings this year than in the past,” Ms. Holthaus said. “Even before the coronavirus hit, there were lots of industries with unprecedented job openings, and we've been reflective of that trend as well.”

Ms. Holthaus said that at least two of the nine advertised positions are still open. She said that even with schools closed down, the district still needs a bus transportation mechanic/ route manager and a transportation driver/mechanic.

“Some of the positions will be put on hold, but we still need bus mechanics,” Ms. Holthaus said. “We got a couple of applications turned in over the past week.”

She said that even though the buses are not transporting students, they still have to pass their regular inspections.

“We still have 60 and 90 day inspections no matter if there are kids riding on the buses or not,” Ms. Holthaus said.

Ms. Holthaus said that the paraprofessional positions that are advertised will be put on hold as the district is limiting the amount of staff in its buildings.

She said that she hopes and looks forward to the day that people in the area and her district can go back to work.

“Who knows what the coronavirus will do to our economy,” Ms. Holthaus said. “A lot of that is unknown, I just hope everything can go back to normal and people can get back to work.”

Those who would like to apply for the open positions or to find out more about the post-poned positions are encouraged to call the St. Maries School District office at 208-245-2579 for more information or to get an application.

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