Drake Lounsbury has watched nearly each of the 178 games the Atlanta Braves played in this season.

But last week’s 7-0 win was different.

Drake was in Houston, four rows from the field as the team he has followed since he was 10 years old won the World Series.

“It was wild,” Lounsbury, a 2016 SMHS graduate said after returning to St. Maries from his trip last week. “It’s one of those big sports moments you’ll always remember.”

Lounsbury made the trip to Houston last Tuesday for game six of the World Series between the Braves and Astros. The Braves were coming off a 5-9 loss two days prior in Atlanta, and with the victory wrapped up the series, winning four games to two.

“I probably watched 75 percent of their games this season,” Lounsbury said. “When you follow a team for so long like that, it becomes personal. You watch the manager put certain guys in and think ‘what are they doing?’, but he did pretty good.”

Lounsbury said he starting following the Braves more than a decade ago, and has not seen them in-person in several years.

“They used to be on TBS all the time, and that’s why I started watching them,” he said. “North Idaho to Atlanta is about as far as you can get, but it’s just one of those things where it’s one of the earliest big sports memories you have, and from there it kind of just becomes your team.”

Lounsbury flew to Houston early Nov. 2, the day of the game, and returned Nov. 4. He was four rows from the Astros’ bullpen, and said there were several Atlanta fans in his section, as well as at the hotel he stayed at.

“I got settled in and went down to the lobby and there were quite a few people down there with Atlanta jerseys on, so that was pretty cool,” he said. “We talked for a little bit and then ended up riding to the stadium together.”

Nearly 43,000 fans filled Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston, two thousand over capacity. Lounsbury said even the halls were packed with people as the Astros sold standing-room only tickets.

“It was a pretty crazy atmosphere,” he said. “The concession lines looked full the entire time because of all the people that bought those tickets.”

The World Series win is Atlanta’s first since 1995 and fourth in franchise history (1914, 1957, 1995, 2021).

“It was a long few days with all the traveling and everything,” Lounsbury said. “But something I won’t ever forget.”

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