St. Maries middle school wrestling team dominated at the district championships Dec. 5.

Five wrestlers claimed individual titles, helping the Lumberjacks to a team title as well.

“The team wrestled really tough,” Coach Hayden Humphrey said. “We had a rocky start, but they stuck together and kept cheering each other on, bringing a lot of passion and energy to each match.”

Among first place winners were Zach David (80), Jerrett Brebner (123), Zander Stump (144), Scott Sotin (151), Alexander Lambson (160) and Roan Ford (185).

Brock Anderson (92), Landon Tweedy (110) and Carter Moore (116) each took runner up finishes, and Brock Barta (86), Kody Tefft (98), Trey Gibson (130) and Travis Wunderlich (137) were third-place earners.

“We had a lot of really good matches, and it was really exciting to be a part of and watch,” Coach Humphrey added.

Amado Stewart (86), Jack Barta (92) and Rustle Brusseau (137) took fourth place.

Wrestlers earning district wins included Michael Stewart (98), Donny Morris (104), Zack Sotin (123), Madelynn Johnson (137) and Xavier Sloper (137).

District Championships

Dec. 5, Kellogg Middle School

Team Standings: (final)

1. St. Maries – 237

2. Kellogg – 179.5

3. Timberlake – 134

4. Bonners Ferry – 116

5. Priest River – 102

6. Kootenai – 21

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