B.J. Derr, Tony Brede and Rick Bailey each finished the 10-week shoot at the St. Maries Gun Club within one point of one another.

B.J. Derr took the top spot with a total score of 168, Tony Brede was second with a 167 and Rick Bailey third with a 166.

Tony Brede scored a 166 in handicap over the 10 weeks, followed by B.J. Derr with a 157 and Paul Vannatter with a 152.

Doubles leaders were Rick Bailey with a 249, Tony Brede with a 232 and B.J. Derr with a 209.

Overall top three scorers were Tony Brede with 565, Rick Bailey with 564 and B.J. Derr with 534.

Ladies shooters included Tami Derr with a 259, Toni Anderson at 225 and Donna Bailey with a 203.

Tony Brede and Jack Crane tied for first in singles in the final week, each with scores of 25. Rick Bailey had a 24 and Doug Brede with a 23.

Handicap went to Doug Brede with a 23, Tony Brede and Rick Bailey with 22s and Dustin Brandvold with a 21.

Doubles was led by Tony Brede with a 43 and Rick Bailey with a 41.

The club will host its fun shoot Sunday, set for 1 p.m. at the St. Maries Gun Club.

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