A back-and-forth game the night before had the St. Maries girls lagging Feb. 10 at Grangeville.

Having advanced to a must-win district contest with the Bulldogs, the Lumberjacks were put away early as Grangeville outscored Coach Gary Krumheuer’s team 9-29 in the first half.

St. Maries scored three points in the second half of a 12-49 loss that ended its season.

“The effort was there, but the legs weren’t,” Coach Krumheur, whose team was coming off a two-point win at Orofino the night before, said. “After that grind-it-out win Tuesday night, we just didn’t have enough left to compete with a very good Grangeville team.”

Macie Rimel hit her tenth three-point shot of the season to pull her team ahead Tuesday, Feb. 9 at Orofino with under a minute to play.

The shot came after several leads St. Maries had built in the preceding three quarters evaporated.

One of the few leads Orofino had was short-lived as Macie caught a pass on the right shoulder from Mackenzie Hammond and buried a three to give St. Maries, which went on to win 53-51, the lead for good.

“The game was about as even as it could be,” Coach Krumheuer said.

St. Maries ended the contest with 18 field goals to Orofino’s 17, both clubs hit two three-pointers in the game, both made 15 free throws, both pulled down 37 rebounds and both turned the ball over 29 times.

“The starters played their best game of the year as a group,” Coach Krumheuer said. “And, as usual, the bench provided a great defensive effort and chipped in points when needed.”

Macie finished with 11 points and four steals, Jenna Holder had nine points and four assists and Lacie Sines recorded eight points and pocketed four steals in the win.

St. Maries closes its season with an 8-11 record.

St. Maries 12, Grangeville 49

SM 4 5 2 1 12

GHS 13 16 14 6 49

McGreal – 5 pts.; Sines – 2 pts., 2 st.; Holder – 2 pts.; Hammond – 2 pts.; Spray – 1 pt.

St. Maries 53, Orofino 51

SM 11 15 13 14 53

OHS 11 12 13 15 51

Rimel – 11 pts., 4 st.; Holder – 9 pts., 4 as.; Sines – 8 pts., 4 st.; Hammond – 7 pts., 8 reb., 4 as., 3 st.; Badgett – 5 pts., 10 reb., 2 st.; Mitchell – 5 pts., 3 reb.; Miller – 4 pts., 4 reb.; McGreal – 2 pts., 2 st.; Watkins – 2 pts., 2 st.; Janssen – 2 pts.

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