Last Saturday, September 11, was a national day to remember the terrible attacks by terrorists and the heroism of many.

I hope everybody saw and heard the wonderful speech of Former President George Bush at the memorial site of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. His theme of “That’s the America I know” brought back to me the America I long to have again. I’m so sick and tired of the hatred and vitriol in our country today. Those loud voices of so called patriots seem to drown out the kindness and grace of many Americans.

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After the insurrection, America’s far-right groups get more extreme. The rapid spread of right-wing extremist beliefs has led to declare white supremacy to be the most dangerous terrorist threat to America - the power of repetition in social media.


The last comment just adds to the fire this article is talking about. Far left, far right, or center can't we all just be cool? Love thy neighbor? Treat people as people. At the end of the day your political opinion isn't who you are. Who I am should not change, in anyone's mind, because you find out I voted or Trump and/or Biden.


You are so educated, your stupid.

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