Well, well, well, it didn’t take long for Joe to show us what’s next. He said do the right thing, get vaccinated. Now vaccine mandates for everyone who are working at jobs where there are 100 employees or more. There were many other mandates and stipulations. First of all, who are businesses going to replace the workers with that cannot, or will not take the vaccine? If you take 80 million out of the work force, then what? Businesses cannot find enough workers now. Are the businesses going to be liable for any problems that occur from the vaccine? Are the postal workers mandated? He said he is protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. I thought the vaccinated were safe? Evidently the vaccine is not working the way they want it to.

In fact, vaccination does not stop the spread of COVID. People who are vaccinated can spread COVID just as much as non-vaccinated. Joe is trying to get everyone vaccinated come hell or high water. I remember when Joe and Kamala state they would not trust a vaccine that Trump had anything to do with. Now everything is great in their eyes. He has declared war on all who are unvaccinated. 80 million Americans. He stated, “This has nothing to do with freedom.” I cry hogwash. My father in-law has been fully vaccinated and is in the hospital recovering from COVID. There is still no acknowledgement of natural immunity. I think what we are seeing is Joe trying to shift the focus from the continuing Afghanistan debacle to another debacle of his own making.

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We did the right thing. We got rid of DJT. He’s gone from the daily bad news, and for me, I hope forever. I believe what’s left of his support are some (love is blind) folks, some hate groups and the wannabe Trump clones (Ted Cruz, et.al). I’d say he’s politically gone. Additionally, remember, he’s Twitter. Without Twitter, he has basically lost his voice and can no longer speak.

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