Prosecutor’s Office

Brittany N. Nomee, b. 1989, of Plummer. Misdemeanor: violation of no contact order (July 14). Misdemeanor: violation of a no contact order and obstructing/resisting arrest (July 21).

Bartholome C. Burg, b. 1955, of St. Maries. Misdemeanor: motor carrier overweight (July 18).

Ronald Salas, Jr., b. 1968, of Plummer. Felony: possession of meth, possession of cocaine. Misdemeanor: possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia (July 24).

Kyndal R. Lockard, b. 2001, of St. Maries. Felony: possession of a controlled substance, possession of fentanyl, trafficking heroine. Misdemeanor: possession of drug paraphernalia with intent (July 26).

Alexus D. Bullard, b. 1998, of St. Maries. Felony: possession of meth. Misdemeanor: possession of drug paraphernalia with intent, frequenting a place where controlled substances are known to be located (July 26).

Jenifer R. Mays b. 1990, of St. Maries. Felony: possession of hydrocodone. Misdemeanor: possession of lorazepam, resisting/ obstructing (July 28).

Scott E Mays, b. 1987, of St. Maries. Felony: unlawful possession of a firearm. Misdemeanor: resisting/ obstructing (July 28).

Criminal Dispositions

Joshua James Cronin, b. 1986, of Clarkston, was found guilty of fishing without a license (MIS). $26 fine, $168 cost (July 26).

James Gordon Decker, b. 1958, of Plummer, pled guilty to assault (MIS) (originally aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or instrument (FEL) (withheld judgment). $200 fine, $157.50 cost, 2 days jail (2 days credit), 2 years unsupervised probation (July 25).

Shane D. Handford, b. 2001, of Plummer, pled guilty to battery (MIS)(originally battery-aggravated (FEL)) (withheld judgment). $500 fine, $157.50 cost, 1 day jail time, 1 year supervised probation (July 25).

Jewl Lynn Kremposki, b. 1989, of Potlatch, pled guilty to first offense trespass with no property damage (INF)(originally 1st offense trespasss-failure to depart (MIS)). $243.50 fine, $56.50 cost (July 25).

Daniel Leroy McGregor, b. 1982, of St. Maries, was found guilty of fishing without a license (MIS). $26 fine, $165 cost (July 25).

Rachel Ann Pearson, b. 1985, of Fernwood, pled guilty to drug paraphernalia-use or possess with intent to use (MIS). $100 fine, $200.50 cost (July 25).

Suzanne N. Rose, b. 1978, of Medimont, pled guilty to driving under the influence (MIS). $400 fine, $232.50, 180 days jail (150 days suspended, 1 day credit), 180 days driver’s license suspended, 2 years unsupervised probation (July 25).

David V. Wilson, b. 1989, of Spokane, pled guilty to F/G-wildlife-fail to carry license on person or exhibit on request (MIS). $26 fine, $168 cost (July 25).

Civil Dispositions

North Idaho Credit Corp. vs. Albert Montague Jr. and Sarah C. Montague, default judgment in the amount of $9,725.76 awarded to North Idaho Credit Corp (July 27).

Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. Veva Anderson, default judgment awarded to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (July 27).

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