Miranda Ascensio appeared before the Benewah County Commissioners Monday, June 13, to discuss a blocked alleyway in Emida.

Ascencio said the alleyway has been blocked for almost a year now by Jim and Nancy Deusenbery. The alley is located between Drifter’s Café and the Deusenbery’s home. She said it prevents her parents from accessing their property and from being able to safely park their camper.

“I’m here because I want it unblocked,” Ascensio said.

She said surveyor Jim Minser had a map from 1909 that shows the alley in question.

Ascensio said she also wanted to know why the two commissioners – Mark Reynolds and Bob Short – had a meeting out at the site in question and nobody was informed about it.

“I also would like to know, I would like to know why nobody was informed that Bobby and Mark were going to have a meeting in Emida and we weren’t told about it,” Ascensio said.

Commissioner Phil Lampert said it was on the agenda as a site inspection at the last meeting for the commissioners to go out and look at it.

“That’s not what I’m arguing here, what I’m arguing is that nobody else was informed and Jim was able to go point stuff out to Mark, which me and my mom both seen,” Ascensio said.

Reynolds said Jim was not invited.

“Whether he was invited or not then you should have said I’m sorry but I can’t discuss this with you. Would that not have been the more professional thing to do?” Ascencio said.

“Well, you know what we did discover some things and I’ll let Mark explain what he talked to Jim about, Jim Minser, the surveyor,” Lampert said.

Ascensio said she understood that Minser would be surveying the alleyway. Reynolds said it was his understanding it would be done in a “timely manner.” Reynolds said it would be best to make a determination at that point.

“It’s always better to know where the property is,” Reynolds said.

DeeDee Bramblett said county attorney Mariah Dunham, who was not present, left some notes suggesting the commissioners defer action on the item “until they see where the alley sits on the ground.”

Ascensio said she understood all of that but did not think the alley should remain blocked while they wait for the survey to be finished.

“It has already been blocked for over a year,” she said.

“That’s not right,” Short said of the timeframe.

“That is right. It’s been blocked since last summer, Bobby. He blocked it before his doublewide was ever in there,” Ascensio said.

Short again disagreed.

“The whole town says otherwise,” Ascensio said. “So are you over the whole town. Is your word more important than everybody else’s?”

Lampert cut in saying again the commissioners would survey the area to make a determination. He agreed the alley should not be blocked and there was no petition to vacate the alleyway.

Ascensio said when the alleyway is opened up again the surface was torn up and she wanted to know who was going to pay for it.

“He didn’t have permits to dig across it,” she said.

Reynolds said the road would likely be fixed by the county or the Dusenbery’s, but said it would be fixed.

“I want my dad and everybody else to have access, that’s all I’m disputing,” Ascensio said.

Lampert said the county would “figure out where it’s supposed to be.” He said he would talk to the county’s attorney to see about having it opened up prior to the survey being finished.

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Emida Gal

Again Summer, great coverage of Emida. Thanks

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